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DreamyKid is the meditation app just for kids that makes mindfulness easy – where and when they want in just 10 minutes a day. The science has proven that meditation helps children with sleep, anxiety, depression, empathy, stress and cognition. Whether the kids are focused on sleeping better, leveraging sports, mastering schoolwork or just relaxing, 10 minutes of meditation a day will help them be healthier and happier.


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Children have been showing signs of stress, technology-fatigue, and anxiety starting at younger ages. It is a science-based fact that only 10 minutes of meditation is a great life-tool to find inner-harmony and balance amid their busy lives. With DreamyKid, just play it as they fall asleep or awake. They will begin a life-long journey that will center them with tools for all situations.

Confidence Mastery Program

Children are constantly dealing with criticism, peer pressure and many other situations. They sometimes results in their self-esteem being damaged. Psychologists say that it takes at least seven positivisms to void a single negativism. Affirmations are an easy way to combat low self-worth and confidence issues.

At first, it is good to play this when child is sleepy and in bed at least twice per night. It is okay to play this program even after the child is asleep as their subconscious will take the suggestions. Once you see the positive effects taking hold in your child, you can reduce its use or use once per week for maintenance purposes. You can adjust the playcount in your SETTINGS tab.

Rainbow Mindfulness Program

This delightful meditation is perfect for before or after yoga or sports activities. It’s great as the child is getting ready to fall asleep as well. It is designed to help the child associate their multi-faceted selves to a color of the rainbow. It helps them feel grounded and strong, yet it is gentle. This is a perfect meditation for schools that have integrated yoga or meditation into their curriculum.

Red (strength), Orange (joyfulness), Yellow (intelligence), Green (friendship), Blue (peacefulness), Indigo (kindness), Violet (self-worth).

Self-Esteem Booster

Kids are always entrenched in new experiences and sometimes they aren’t pleasant. There are kids who are dealing with identity crisis, family disputes, eating disorders, peer pressure, bullying and so much more. Sometimes these events or series of events cause deep divides in their self-esteem and sense of worth. This meditation is for the kids big and small who are feeling down on themselves and need help in guiding their self-talk towards a more positive sense of who they are. It helps them feel more secure, strong and confident and guides them towards understanding that these events will resolve, but that they do not have to define the way they see themselves. Play the meditation first thing in the morning to start their day strong or as they go to sleep to have the added benefit of the subconscious mind taking the positive suggestions in the program.

Dry DreamyKid For Bedwetting

Ideally it is best to play this program every night until the child ceases to wet their bed at night or at least improves. Set the playcount to at least two times in your SETTINGS tab before playing. Once the situation improves, you can set the playcount to one. Then just once per week until the child no longer wets their bed at night is fine.

Guided visualization has been studied and found to be a very safe effective treatment for bedwetting. By repeatedly listening to this program either awake or asleep, the brain is re-programmed so that the child will be able to respond to a full bladder while asleep.

*Before beginning this program, please make sure that the child does not have a medical condition causing the issue.

Schoolwork Mastery Program

This program is to help engage the child in their classwork, homework and participation in school. It is for the child who doesn’t seem to care about their grades or is experiencing a block in their enjoyment of school. It is great to play as the child is in bed and ready to go to sleep. They may fall asleep during the program. Don’t worry, it’s still working.

In the SETTINGS tab, set the playcount to one or two times per night until you see an improvement at which point you can move to once per week for maintenance.

Sleepy DreamyKid

This is a program to help the child who has trouble getting to and staying asleep. It is designed to guide the child into a sleepy state and then offers suggestions to help them begin enjoying bedtime.

In the SETTING tab, it is best to set the playcount to one or two per night. Then play the program before, during or after the child has fallen asleep. Don’t worry, the subconscious mind is taking suggestions in his/her sleep. You may stop the program after the child has begun to enjoy bedtime; or you find that he/she has ceased needing it. Play the program to the sleeping child once or twice per week for maintenance if you notice that it is needed.

Body Scan Mindfulness Program

This relaxing body scan is perfect for before or after yoga or sports activities. It’s also for the child as they are getting ready to fall asleep or start their day. This is the perfect mindfulness meditation for schools that have integrated yoga or meditation into their curriculum.

The body scan exercise is simply about relaxation and being aware of the different areas of your body. It is not about trying to change anything, in fact, it is about just noticing sensations and moving on. To just being with oneself. The body scan is a wonderful way to train a child’s attention as a way to get comfortable in their own skin and release pent-up emotions.

Freedom From Attention Deficit Disorder & ADHD

This is a wonderful guided visualization for the child who is awake or asleep, as it is okay to play this program even after the child is asleep as their subconscious will take the suggestions. Once you see the positive effects taking hold in your child, you can reduce its use to once per week for maintenance purposes. You can adjust the playcount in your SETTINGS tab.

Guided Visualization produces a very relaxed state of heightened focus that increases openness to suggestions that the child is hearing whether they are awake or asleep. It also gives them the feeling that they are in control of their mind and feelings, thus helping them with the confidence they need to overcome the battle of ADD and ADHD. It is also a wonderful addition to your child’s regimen if they are still on medications so you can adjust (with your doctor) when you start to see improvements in their condition.

Coping With Divorce Meditation

There may be nothing more devastating to a child or teen as when their parents tell them that they are getting divorced. It’s important that while arrangements are being made for the well-being of the children that we do everything possible to make the transition as peaceful and smooth. Children can sometimes be in denial, but deep down they are confused and/or angry. Teens can feel like they are being torn in two and not know if they are to blame. That’s why this meditation can help by enhancing the positive messages that parents are giving their children through this tough time.

It helps them understand that the divorce is not their fault and that their parents love them very much – more than ever. By playing it before bedtime or first thing in the morning, they will be cementing the realization that they will get through this and that their family is still a family – just in a different form. If your children are having severe reactions to the divorce, make sure to seek the help of a professional and supplement the work they do with this gentle and self-affirming guided meditation.


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