Ty Wenzel, Founder

Ty Wenzel

The story of DreamyKid began in the West Village in New York City in 1993 when founder, Ty Wenzel, experienced a debilitating life-changing episode of depression preceded by panic disorder. Her doctor suggested yoga, and although it helped, it didn’t completely alleviate the scary symptoms that kept her isolated in her studio apartment. To make matters worse, she was transitioning from a career in fashion to writing and technology by bartending on the Bowery.

Ms. Wenzel was a year into taking Xanax to function when she discovered an audio cassette by Shakti Gawain – a pioneer in the “guided visualization” technique. In only a few weeks of daily guided visualizations contained within the cassette, she was able to stop taking Xanax to bartend. Although the depression would become a life-long affliction, and she has depended on sporadic use of anti-depressants, the tools she acquired from that old cassette created a foundation of peace and support throughout her life.

“I come from an abused childhood and being bullied mercilessly in school,” explained Ms. Wenzel. “It was a matter of time that depression would find me. I’m grateful for the medications that we have today and I am not ashamed of that. No one would beĀ  ashamed to take life-saving heart medications to stay alive. To me it’s the same thing. But meditation and guided visualization gave tremendous depth to my sense of peace in the world.”

Throughout the years, Ms. Wenzel sought counsel with a therapist and tried many different forms of holistic therapies and medicines. It was evident to her that guided visualization was the mainstay that kept her grounded and feeling safe even when life became chaotic.

“What I loved most about this form of meditating was that it was issue-based. I could follow a meditation on manifesting through the law of attraction, or another for anxiety,” She explained. “Over time, I forgave those that hurt me in my childhood and found tremendous peace. I couldn’t have done any of that without meditation – especially guided meditation.

As the internet turned mainstream, Ms. Wenzel found herself learning to code. After building and selling two digital agencies, she decided it was time to embark on a journey into the mobile frontier. Combining her love of technology and the desire to help children, she created DreamyKid, that uses guided visualization and technology in a relaxing and fun app.

Today, Ms. Wenzel is busy writing scripts and building her mentor-system of doctors and child-care professionals to address the issues that affect children the most. She aims to release at least three meditations every month and is excited to help kids through big and small hurdles, whether it’s to guide them to sleep or alleviate their symptoms of ADHD or help them get centered for their sporting events.

“My ultimate goal is to integrate DreamyKid into every school curriculum in the United States,” She said. “The science is there – it helps! And DreamyKid will always be 100% free for any organization that works with children. It goes perfectly with existing yoga programs that’s sweeping the country. We are testing at a school in Long Island right now and I’m so excited by the initial findings! I’ll be proud to share the progress when we are finished with this first case study!”

Schools, hospitals and other organizations (yoga studios, meditation studios, sports programs, etc.) that work with children can get their free promo-code to unlock all of the programs by contacting Ty Wenzel at ty@dreamykid.com or calling 631 553 7788.